Cable – Solar 6mm2 Black (SW)

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Application: Cables for photovoltaic power generation system Rated Voltage: 1500Vdc Insulation and sheath materials: 125℃ low smoke halogen free crosslinked polyolefin (XLPO)



Cable – Solar 6mm2 Black (SW)

A cross-linked polyolefin is a form of insulation that is created using both heat as well as high pressure. They are also known as XLPO Cable. One of the most important features of this cables is that it is halogen free. The benefit of it is that it does not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire. Apart from this XLPO Cable have a plethora of technical advantages. They are fire retardant, and also resist UV, water, and ozone. They are easy to strip and highly flexible.

XLPO Wire display enhanced mechanical, electrical, weathering, and thermal properties. They also display low toxicity. Many times, people get confused between XLPO and XLPE. The former is a type of cross-linked compound whereas the latter is the category under which the XLPO is a type. XLPO Insulation Cable also boasts resistance to high voltage and hazardous materials. They are used in mining, plumbing, and various electrical appliances

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Cables for photovoltaic power generation system

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